It's 2076 and the world is changing. The second omnic crisis is banging on our doors. Talon is pulling melovolent strings. Buildings are being built out of light. Revolutionists are yelling in the streets. Equality is being starved for. Heroes are coming out of the woodwork to do what they think is right and stop the chaos that is and try to bring some semblence of peace to counter the villains rising from the shadows to prey on the maddness. The world needs heroes. Overwatch has been recalled. Now a vigilante group under no form of goverment, will they be what the world needs to stop the bloodshed? Will Talon start the war they've been itching to create? Who's side are you on? Whichever you choose, be sure to bring your intrepidity.

RPG-D intrepidity RPG Initiative afterburn - a fallout rp An AU Dragon Age: Inquisition RP Unbound Topsites - A Video Game RP Listing ruinandrise

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